Hyperion Rising is a blog aimed primarily at masculine, heterosexual men who are striving to become more.

Focusing on self improvement, success with women, philosophy, and culture, it aims to educate men who are bombarded on all sides by a hostile and toxic mainstream. The man of modern times is often advised to take on behaviors and characteristics that are to the detriment of his mind and spirit. Behaviors that result in the kind of man we have seen become increasingly common in our society today – weak, pathetic, and cucked.

Consequently, this has led to a generation of men who are angry, confused, and unfulfilled. While we do not claim to be able to fix societies’ problems alone, we strive to be a resource men can come to in order to gain a healthy understanding of a wide array of topics that affect and interest them.

One may hastily conclude Hyperion Rising as just another Red Pill or Manosphere Site, but this is a rash judgement. A deeper examination of our writing will lead you to see that while we do agree with Red Pill philosophy on a variety of issues, we also are not afraid to disagree. We tend to offer a more balanced perspective that will not lead men into fruitless bitterness; which does no good for them or the society they desire to impact. Often, our disagreements are merely in degree and not message.

Finally, while Hyperion Rising is written for a very defined demographic, we also feel men of a more liberal nature and women as whole will be able to take value away from our work. Often times what we write may challenge or offend your sensibilities, but we encourage you to use your discretion and think for yourself. Ask the tough questions, consider if the stories that you’ve been told growing up are actually true. We are not here to elicit crude shock value, but to speak truth into a world so enamored by lies.


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